Penna – NaNoWriMo 2015

Below are the chapters that I have written for my NaNoWriMo 2015. The novel’s name is Landon and the Crystal Fairy.


LatCF Chapter 1

Landon bent down to the door with the butterknife and worked at the hinge. After only a moment the pin slipped up and out of the metal piece. He lay it quietly to the side and then raised back up. Slowly he pushed open the screen door. It opened easily without the faintest hint of … Continue reading LatCF Chapter 1

LatCF Chapter 2

There were two guestrooms in the house, one in which Landon’s mother now slept on the top floor, and then one for Landon himself on the bottom floor. Through the years he had decorated the room to be his “room away from home.” It had a desk with a few video game monsters and action … Continue reading LatCF Chapter 2

LatCF Chapter 3

Landon woke up feeling sore all over. His shoulders hurt, his back hurt, but worst of all his ankle hurt. It didn’t help that his hands had been tied behind a pole, his wrists lashed together. He had hoped as he had drifted off to sleep last night that maybe he would wake up to … Continue reading LatCF Chapter 3

LatCF Chapter 4

Landon kept his head down. His hood was pulled up to keep his face covered. Now and again he dared to look up and around himself, but quickly pulled his eyes back down to the ground watching only the back of the feet of the person walking in front of him. In the light of … Continue reading LatCF Chapter 4

LatCF Chapter 5

“I told you I was right! Jasper, you shoulda seen him.” “Bwhahaha, it was great. He laid a whoopin’ on that monster.” The voices slammed into Landon’s mind as the darkness receded. At first he was reluctant to come forward out of his dreams. There was only pain and he wasn’t eager to meet with … Continue reading LatCF Chapter 5

LatCF Chapter 6

Landon’s eyes were glued to his pack. The goblins were leading them back downwards. He had no idea where their journey was going to end, but he wasn’t really in much of a hurry to find out. He wasn’t too sure he was going to like what happened when they reached it. He looked back … Continue reading LatCF Chapter 6

LatCF Chapter 7

Landon concentrated hard, staring at his hand. Shift. Presto chango. Abra cadabra? Nothing. No claws. No shifting. He shoved his hands back into the pockets of his hoodie, his footsteps falling harder. Don’t force it, Jasper had warned him. Let it come naturally. That’s what my gram always says to young kits. “We’re here,” Kite … Continue reading LatCF Chapter 7

LatCF Chapter 8

They flicked the flashlights off and stashed them back into Landon’s backpack. Light streamed in through the windows providing enough light in the chamber that the light proved useless – at least for another few hours Landon though staring through the windows. An idle thought strayed back to his mother. He wondered what she was … Continue reading LatCF Chapter 8