About K.L. Dimago

K.L. Dimago has always considered writing to be her passion. She fancies herself a freelance writer and likes to write anything from poetry to short stories to all out novels. She also enjoys a variety of genres including fantasy, Christian, romance, and more. Dimago is an animal lover, wife, and mother to two.

From a young age, K.L. Dimago was taught to write and to love reading and literature as well. As she grew older, she began engaging in writing communities and became acquainted with several others like her who also enjoyed writing. She recently won NaNoWriMo with a book she hopes to release within the next year. She is also excited to complete book two of the Amethyst Saga: Iolite, as well as a prequel to Amethyst titled Amethyst: Rise to Piracy, which will be available for free to subscribers or otherwise for just 99c.

K.L. Dimago grew up in North Georgia, and later attended Texas Tech University for a B.A. in English. She now lives in Texas with her family.

Some F.A.Q. about K.L. Dimago:

Q: What does Dimago mean?

A: Dimago is an African word for ‘butterfly’. Butterflies have become an important symbol in K.L. Dimago’s life in relation to her mother who passed away when she was young. Butterflies hold special meaning because of one of the final gifts she received from her mother, and she has carried them with her ever since.

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You can check out K.L. Dimago‘s debut novel, Amethyst, from the publisher Kellan Publishing, from Amazon, from Barnes and Noble, and from Kobo! Dimago is also a co-author in the romance collection from Kellan Publishing, Bewitched Love.