About K.L. Dimago

K.L. Dimago is an author, avid reader, and passionate writer in general. She’s published several works from short stories to novels and enjoys a variety of genres including fantasy, romance, paranormal (though not horror or thriller), contemporary fiction, and Christian fiction.

From a young age, K.L. Dimago was taught to write and to love reading and literature as well. As she grew older, she began engaging in writing communities and became acquainted with several others like her who also enjoyed writing. She has won NaNoWriMo, the Pennacle Book Award for fantasy, and attended Texas Tech University for a B.A. in English Literature and Creative Writing.

K.L. Dimago is the pen name of Katelyn Silva, who has published two best-selling non-fiction novels and is the founder of The Author Mentor, helping writers struggling with block or self-doubt to finish and publish their books.

Some F.A.Q. about K.L. Dimago:

Q: What does Dimago mean?

A: Dimago is an African word for ‘butterfly’. Butterflies have been an important symbol in K.L. Dimago’s life in relation to her mother who passed away when she was young. Butterflies hold special meaning due to one of the final gifts she received from her mother, and she has carried them with her ever since.

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You can check out K.L. Dimago‘s works on her website or from the publisher, Kellan Publishing. They are also available from Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and from Kobo. Dimago has both traditional and self-published works.