About Penna Fischer

photoThe writer of this blog is thirty one year old Penna Marie Fischer. I was born June 2, 1984. I have an Associates in both Journalism and Web Development.

I hope to one day be a published writer, but for now I’m just one of those many wandering souls drifting through life until I have the good fortune of being discovered for my talents.

I love reading and I love writing. I’ve been doing it since I was in third grade and I thought writing books was something that you did in a big office building surrounded by other like-minded people – and get paid for it (boy was I delusional).

Well, dreams go on well after reality has crashed in. I refuse to give up. I feel I KNOW I have a story within me that people will enjoy. I’m not going to give up until I’ve done it.

I’m not satisfied with the idea of being self-published (though I do respect and even applaud these people) and I’m not satisfied with “just some” publisher. Either go big or go home. I’m sure there’s some delusions of grandeur involved, but I’m not so delusional to realize I will receive many rejections. Blood must be spilled. Tears shed.

I will endure. I want it too badly, you see. So I’ll be fighting my inner demon and feeding my muse. Please wish me luck and support is always appreciated.