About the Authors

About Penna Fischer and K.L. Dimago.


About Penna Fischer

The writer of this blog is thirty one year old Penna Marie Fischer. I was born June 2, 1984. I have an Associates in both Journalism and Web Development. I hope to one day be a published writer, but for now I’m just one of those many wandering souls drifting through life until I have … Continue reading About Penna Fischer

About K.L. Dimago

K.L. Dimago is an author, avid reader, and passionate writer in general. She’s published several works from short stories to novels and enjoys a variety of genres including fantasy, romance, paranormal (though not horror or thriller), contemporary fiction, and Christian fiction. From a young age, K.L. Dimago was taught to write and to love reading … Continue reading About K.L. Dimago