The Trouble With Being a Writer

Are you someone who’s really passionate about writing? Do you desire to be one of those people that get to write on a regular basis and get paid for it?

When it comes to writing, there are a lot of cliches out there. There’s the starving writer, the prestigious writer, the aspiring writer… among others. Maybe you fit into one of these, or maybe none of them. But one thing that I’ve begun to notice is that for many, many writers out there, there’s a certain dependency on the finicky muse.

The trouble with being a writer is a certain element of uncertainty and vulnerability. Writers have questions, and doubts, like:

“What if I’m not good enough?”

“What if no one likes my writing?”

“What if I can’t be successful as a writer?”

The list goes on. Plus, honestly, writing can be challenging. It’s like sticking a piece of yourself out into the world and then waiting for the haters to come along and smack it around.

But on that very same token, writing can also be powerful. Some of the best things out there were written by someone brave enough to share it. I think most people have been impacted or learned something from a book, an article, or reading something of value. I think that instead of thinking about the negatives, writers should think about how their writing can benefit. Focus on the impact your writing can have. And throw yourself into creating that desired impact every time you sit down to write.

I keep seeing things like, “How do writers ever finish a novel?” Or “I can’t find the motivation to write today.” And granted, sometimes life is just busy and other things take precedence over writing. For some people, writing every day is a part of their routine, or at least it’s possible and it works for them. For others, writing is something they do when they feel like it and regardless of consistency, they produce amazingly when they do write.

Then there are writers who genuinely want to write but struggle to do so.

The root problem varies from person to person, as everyone has their own struggles and challenges, but I think every writer has those days. Those days of not knowing what to write, or not being able to write if they do have an idea. So even if someone is really focused on the positive and the impact, what about that finicky muse problem?

Well, I believe that every writer has a “creative zone”, unique to the individual. The trick is to learn when that is for yourself. For me, it’s anytime after 8pm. For some reason, from that time until insane times of the morning, my brain just clicks and I’m in maximum creativity and productivity mode. (Which sucks when I need to go to bed early ;)). The other thing is to know the factors that can trigger this zone for you. Is it music, the shower, nature, a certain scented candle?

Once you know your unique zone, and your triggers, you can easily demand the muse’s attention and then it’s just a matter of making your writing a priority. For me, that means I have to consciously plan to spend that time writing instead of working on other things, browsing through Facebook, or watching something on Netflix. How intentional with your time are you?

Really, I think that writer troubles stem from internal self-doubt, or from a lack of being intentional about writing and time spent. Once you change your focus, writing can be much less challenging!

What do you think? Share in the comments!



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