Name of the Month: Leia and Brendon

Writing is hard work, but perhaps the most stubborn part can be picking a name for our characters. We have to create stories and personalities, you would think picking a name would be the easiest part? Am I right?

I happen to have a great devotion to names after a bit of personal history with my own. Names can not only be beautiful but they can be meaningful, not just in what they literally translate into, but also the people or characters in the world that have bored them. So, let’s get started. Girls first!

Girl Name: Leia

You’d have to be living under a rock if you’ve never heard this name. Princess Leia of the Star Wars franchise has made this name a legend.

When I first researched this name I was disappointed to learn that the name was Hebrew and translates into the word “Weary.”

But Princess Leia is hardly anything but “weary.” Did George Lucas choose this name because of some original plan he had for Leia, or was it just a choice made with no regard to the meaning. It hardly fits and you might wonder why I brought it up at all. To prove one thing. Names can transcend beyond their humble meanings. If you were to give your character this name you would doubtlessly be considering only as a Star Wars tribute and the representation of Carrie Fisher and Princess Leia.

And that’s ok. There are many names that, if you were to look up the meaning, you would find only a  reference to an historical figure that bore the name, not the meaning of the name itself. And that perhaps is even more powerful.

Boy Name: Brendon

An Irish name that means “Prince.” A name that I myself frequently use as a placeholder for my characters – afterall it’s better than saying PRINCE everywhere in the first draft. Used it recently in my current work in progress The Mana Runner, and, haha, for good or bad it is now stuck in the story. I literally can think of no other name for my character.



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