The Pirate’s Bride (Review)

thepiratesbrideAll Sophie Bellard wants is her freedom, freedom to sail the seven seas, and freedom to be her own person without interference from some controlling husband. But an arranged marriage to handsome and dangerous Captain Andre Dubois derails all her hopes. After a disastrous wedding night where a ruinous secret is discovered, the two go their separate ways with hopes of never meeting again.

Sophie becomes a pirate, while Andre sets off for the Orient where he makes a murderous enemy. After escaping with his life, Andre returns to home waters, and in an unexpected twist of pirate fate, reunites with his estranged and unwilling wife. 

When Andre’s murderous enemy threatens Sophie’s life, he vows to protect what is his and attempts to win his wife’s forgiveness and love, once and for all.

Lots of fun and with numerous unexpected twists and turns, The Pirate’s Bride was definitely a good read. I found both the plot and the characters to be engaging and well-developed throughout the tale, not just the main ones but also some of the side characters as well. From the first chapter to the last, I found the book quite hard to put down and was eagerly wondering what would happen next and how it was going to end.

What I liked the most was how the relationship between Andre and Sophie grew and changed over the course of the story. Given their personalities and their pasts, both Sophie’s and Andre’s behavior and reactions are believable and logical to each other. While there were moments that Andre seemed to act in a way contrary to his nature and what is known about him, the reasons for his behavior were explained to give understanding and shape to his discovery of love.

As someone dealing with trauma would, Sophie does her best to combat her experiences, but truly struggles with them and must take time to finally overcome her past and look forward to her future. I loved that despite her struggles and frustrations, Sophie was a noble and loyal woman to her husband despite the reasons and opportunities for her to do otherwise.

The story had plenty of characters to both love and to hate, as well as bad and good moments for our hero and heroine. I have to admit that I didn’t much like Sophie’s trusted first mate Limey, though perhaps in part because I kept thinking ‘slimey’ instead. I’m curious about your own opinions once you’ve read it!

As a final note, I don’t typically review erotica novels, though I didn’t realize this was one until I was already engaged. For my readers, I recommend this book with the fair warning that it does have graphic and erotic content.

I give it 4.5* overall due to some minor errors throughout the book.

I was asked to review this book.

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