Name of the Month: Elvina and Juwan

Writing is hard work, but perhaps the most stubborn part can be picking a name for our characters. We have to create stories and personalities, you would think picking a name would be the easiest part? Am I right?

I happen to have a great devotion to names after a bit of personal history with my own. Names can not only be beautiful but they can be meaningful, not just in what they literally translate into, but also the people or characters in the world that have bore them. So, let’s get started. Girls first!

Girl Name: Elvina

Pronounced: “el-VEE-na”. Meaning: (multiple) elf, blond, noble friend, lively. Variations include: (male) Alvina from Russia, Elvia from Italy, Elvira from Gothic languages. Depending on which nationality you choose changes the name.

Not a very common name, but I think it is very beautiful. I can’t help but think of an energetic princess whenever I hear this name. Probably that true friend type you would find as a side character – part of the action, but not quite in the spotlight. For the nickname I can help but want to call her “Vi”.

Boy Name: Juwan

Meaning in Hebrew: god is gracious, just. Also it features as a female Muslim name that translates as “perfume.”

Not a very popular name at all, which seems to be the theme this month. I happened across it in my 2016 Baby Names book. Pronounced “ju-WAUN”. Sources seem to vary about its originality, but most seem to agree that it is purely American – one of those randomly created names. Because it is rare there is little information on which nationalities use it, but again most sources agree with African-Americans.

Regardless, I can’t help but think of a Muslim jeweler. One of those people with their own store filled with beautiful rings and bracelets. I put him in a suit and tie every time. It’s a name that I hope gets a little more notoriety and I would love to come across anyone that has this name.


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