Name of the Month: Alyssa and Hugh

Writing is hard work, but perhaps the most stubborn part can be picking a name for our characters. We have to create stories and personalities, you would think picking a name would be the easiest part? Am I right?

I happen to have a great devotion to names after a bit of personal history with my own. Names can not only be beautiful but they can be meaningful, not just in what they literally translate into, but also the people or characters in the world that have bore them. So, let’s get started. Girls first!

Girl Name: Alyssa

Meaning: Rational. Derived from the alyssum flower. Contrary to popular belief, it is not a variant of Alice, but there are many variants that the two names do hold similar.

I would recommend using this name for those characters that are very straight forwarded and no nonsense. The sort that whittles down a problem effectively and efficiently and is generally too stubborn to listen to any others.

Boy Name: Hugh

German Meaning: Intellectual in spirit. The etymology of this name is vast with many famous people – yes, and actors (Hugh Laurie). There are a few variations. Hugo and Huw is at the top. Ugo is also another. According to Wikipedia Aodh and Ùisdean, two Gaelic names, are often translated into Hugh just on the principal of sound but with no real etymological reason (I will point out that Wikipedia is the only source I’ve ever read this on – take that as you will).

I once named a ghost character Hugh as a funny pun because he was supposed to be the brains of the outfit. Honestly, it’s for those know-it-all characters – and probably those know-it-alls who really don’t know it all. (I often imagine that the one kid in the yellow pajamas in the animation Polar Express is named Hugh.)


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