Why Getting on the Road is Good for Writing

When it comes to writing… I have often found it is easy to get into a rut. There are days when my mind is going in circles thinking of things to write and when I actually sit down, my mind is suddenly a blank.

Any of you who know this frustration, shout out!

My family and I take a road trip every couple months or so. Typically to visit family. During that time, I try to make it my goal to get as much writing in on the road as possible. For one, the fact that we’re in the car with not much to do provides the perfect opportunity.

But aside from that, being on the road itself can provide good setting and motivation. At least in my experience. The fact that I’m out of my normal routine and doing something different can open up my mind to let ideas flow. Plus, as we’re driving, I usually see things in nature such as a cool cloud formation or landmark that inspires  me.

I am definitely one of those people that is inspired by the beauty in nature.

A year ago during one road trip, I managed to write 7,000 words in only two hours. I almost couldn’t believe it and it was a lot of fun. A while ago I posted a blog about how if I’m not in a particular routine, I can’t write. But in this case, I would say the setting of getting on the road also provided the right zone.

Ever since then, any time I get a chance for a road trip, I get so excited simply at the chance for some good solid writing time. Any of you writing-lovers know how valuable this is. I’m always hoping to hit that sweet spot of motivation again and knock out a good chunk of story, or even write something new for fun.

I think the key is to not get distracted and focus on actually writing while you’re on the road. I know as much as I can get inspired, I can also get distracted looking at all of the different things out the window.

So what about you? Is getting on the road a time you use for a particular activity?


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