The type of fantasy I like

There is a particular type of fantasy that I like, and I’m so sorry to say that the younger audiences do not get more of it. That’s so sad to me.

While I’ve never played it, the best way I can describe the fantasy that I love is the Dungeons & Dragons fantasy style. The medieval with dragons, dwarves, elves, and magic systems that you can spend hours reading and understanding.

Recently I picked up Mistborn by Brandon Sanderson. SUCH an amazing book. I love everything about it. And then I look at the Young Adult section. I know there are a few series I’ve not read yet that pique my interest, but overall I think this age range is so devoid of this particular branch of fantasy that it makes me cry inside.

I realize Young Adult novels are about growing up. I realize they are about teens and wishful thinking, and first loves. But you can’t tell me that fantasy has no place for all of this. One of the draws that I had to David Eddings’ Belgariad series is that the character started off as a teenager and we watch him grow up through the series. It was such a delightful read and there was the Will and the Word!

Even Alexander Lloyd’s Prydain Chronicles has that draw for me. The kid’s a pig farmer!! And while I only read the first book I was so entranced by his youth and being shoved into these events that seemed as if they should only belong in the adult world.

Probably my favorite novels from my youth was Piers Anthony’s Xanth novels, at least the later ones which focused on a much younger group (the earlier set are clearly for adults, haha).

I love that. I hope that when someone picks up my books that they get that feel, though I sadly made my world a bit too clean to be called medieval, but I do hope that the flair is there.

I want an agent that gets as excited about magic as I do whenever I watch this anime opening.

I never get tired of this opening. Whenever I need a kick of inspiration it is one of my favorite go-to’s. I refuse to watch the anime because of that. I do not want my inspiration to be tainted.


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