NaNoWriMo Half-Way Mark

Dawn of Day 15 and I intend to do a little bit more writing. After being so constantly behind I managed to catch myself up yesterday and get a little bit ahead and I want to keep it there.

It’s been a constant battle so far. A lot of ups and downs. I’m not sure how I feel about the story. I’m not sure where it’s going which is the worst part. I’m sorta going blindly. I’ve forgotten what’s it like to work without a set plan – to play off the cuff. But at the same time it’s fun. I think I’ve lost the pacing for the kid’s story, but that’s ok. It’s a 1st draft. Ideas are going to be cut, scenes condensed, and ideas switched. (Though, at this point, I’m not sure if it’s an idea I want to continue with after NaNoWriMo, and try to polish into something…)

I’m enjoying the idea, though several times I’ve thought about ditching it and going back to my normal novel. I miss Weaver Reborn. Very much. I miss the characters and the story plot and the surge of constant emotions. Mostly I miss the wit of my main character drifting on a very dark plot. These characters are fun and all, but since they aren’t very fleshed out I’m still getting to know them.  I like them so far. I thought a four character team for a children’s story would have been daunting but somehow it’s working. I’m glad for that.

I have run into a small issue. In the story I have that my main character Landon’s grandmother died. Obviously there were some feels there. I was going for the Disney-feels. It’s a children’s story. Somehow, though, this topic keeps coming up. I’m all about letting a story evolve, but sometimes the evolution might not be so good. I am trying to get that pulled back. In my own life I’ve yet to experience “real” loss (I’ve lost multiple cats… but I don’t think that qualifies). It’s not an area that I even feel qualified to touch.

I am posting the work up as I complete the chapters. I feel nervous posting such work like this on what is supposed to be a promotional blog showing off the best of my writing but at the same time… heh, why not? I am also simultaneously posting it up on if that’s your thing.

You can find the chapters here.
Or you can visit the Wattpad version here.

Oh, and you might recall that the inspiration for this piece was the random image my mother found and sent to me. Haha, below I’ve posted the image and how the “scene” played out. Obviously I changed it a great deal. The story is about shapeshifters. Little Landon is from our world, but after a girl steals a rock that his now-deceased grandmother gave him, he goes chasing after her and finds himself in a magical land.

He discovers that he is a shape-shifter from the now extinct Wolf tribe and that the rock is a frozen fairy who might have the power to save the world from the evil half-fairy Dubhlainn. I hope you enjoy the scene. I had a lot of fun with it. This is how a simple picture can evolve into something of your own…

(Note: Please be kind. This is unedited, first draft, off-the-cuff. Grammar errors, no clarity, and things like misplaced modifiers, haha.)

Excerpt from Landon and the Crystal Fairy

phonepic“Don’t stand there gawking!” another familiar voice shouted. “Grab the rabbit and get outta here!”

A black and orange shape suddenly hurtled past Landon. It flew into the pig’s face and went to work scratching and spitting, hissing as it clawed. Jasper fell towards the ground and Landon dived and caught him just before he slammed into the ground.

Hugging the limp creature to his chest he spun around and took off in another direction. He hurtled through the forest stopped only when he reached a cliff. He slid to a hard stop, one sneaker slipping on wet rock. A river had curved around and now dropped several feet below. Landon considered his chances about leaping into the water. He was sure he could survive it but he wasn’t sure how he would manage with Jasper in his arms.

He whirled around at the sound of a loose rock falling. Several pig creatures were advancing on him now, their eyes gleaming. One of them took a leap at him and Landon had just enough time to spin around and take a flying leap out into the air. He shouted as he plunged every downwards.

Suddenly there was the flap of wings around him and arms grabbed him around the waste. At just the last second something arced his body upwards and instead of slamming into the water he was suddenly flying over it, skimming the surface. The sound of wings was still in his ears and he looked up to find Kite’s face close to his.

At least part of it was Kite’s face. She had a beak and everything from her cheek bones back was feathers. Her arms were wrapped around her chest but he felt talons. “Hold still, human. This isn’t easy,” she grunted.

They flew over the river bank and crossed onto ground. Landon braced for impact as Kite’s wings faltered and he slammed into the ground in a shower of dirt and foliage. Kite went flying a little further, landing just a few feet away. He dropped Jasper on the ground and rushed after her.

Her half-transformation was already melting away. The arrow still stood straight up from her shoulder blade. Had she flown with that still inside of her? Now he was impressed, he had to admit.

He relaxed for a moment thinking that that maybe they were now free, but this time something else crashed through the woods and bounded on them. Fear turned Landon’s body cold as he found himself staring face to face with the Canis from the previous night. He stared down at the bodies of Kite and Jasper. He couldn’t run! He couldn’t just leave them behind for this beast to grab them.

He stood up and placed himself between Kite and the beast. He would go down fighting before he turned tail and ran abandoning people – no matter who they were. He pulled courage from the deepest place of his heart. He had no weapon and surely not the strength, but he was going to give it all he had to try to keep this beast away from them.

The Canis reared up on its back legs and roared filling Landon with fear. Inside of him Landon felt the fear suddenly turning into something else inside of him. Only half conscious of it he opened his mouth and his own voice matched that of the Canis as he bellowed at the creature and then ran and leapt, hurtling towards the creature’s face, prepared to meet his fate.



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