So this morning started out sort of shaky. I mentioned previously that I was debating changing my story idea from the story about the child in the photo to something that was more adult fantasy. And I did. I started it. I got through five pages this morning, it was coming along great, until I hit a snare.

WAY too much angst and emotion. In this other story the character Salean is a cold-hearted killer and it’s more of a political scandal in a fantasy world type of story. Five pages in and I was already exhausted. The point of NaNoWriMo was to break out of the angst and channel other areas of creativity. If I want dark and brooding I would just go back to The Weaver Reborn. So I closed the document and started over with my original intention.

Which was sort of sad since today is also my father’s birthday and the time that I had to write was marginal. I’ve managed to lock in 1149 words. Heh. I start out behind already. That’s ok. I’m confident. Last year I finished NaNoWriMo before Thanksgiving. I plan on going to the coffee shop tomorrow after work and spending a great deal of time there doing some writing.

I’ve already finished up chapter 1. Since it’s a children’s story (the middle school side of YA) the chapters are going to be nice and short and the story should flow smoothly. Obviously, though, I only have light plans and while I have something of an ending worked out I’m not really sure where things are going to go.

I look forward to the journey. I will be posting up the chapters. I’m still debating on the “where” but I’ll let you know. Maybe when I’m done I’ll even have the barest structure of a story that could become something published – but that’s not my aim nor intention. I’m just going to sit back and have fun. “Like no one’s going to read.” Haha.

Remember, feel free to buddy up with me. Send me a message if you do! My NaNoWriMo Identity is Maxine. (Haha… ha… ummm. I refuse to acknowledge your implications.)


4 thoughts on “NaNoWriMo START

    • Penna Fischer says:

      Haha, thanks. It’s just that the intention of participating in NaNoWriMo was only for the fun and I’m not even aiming to make anything that I might consider “publishable.” It’s just one of those lovely exercises where I get to sit back and enjoy myself. Obviously I will of course be aiming in consistency and making this an opportunity to grow and learn. It’s more ‘writing exercise’ than an actual project. It wouldn’t do for me to try to force a story out that was already making me feel drained by page 5.


  1. K.L. Dimago says:

    I find it slightly amusing that you posted this “let loose and have fun” article about the same time I posted my “let loose and let the story flow” article in lieu of NaNoWriMo… we think alike! XD Good luck with your story and hope you do have fun! I think we’re still buddies from last year so woo XD


    • Penna Fischer says:

      ^^ Think about it! We’ve now officially been friends for a whole year since we met during NaNoWriMo. What a crazy year it’s been. In that time you are now a published writer and I’m sending out for my agents.

      Absolutely and good luck to us both! Just kick back and take it easy doing what we love most. If you need any advice or need me to read for you, feel free to ask as always.


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