Character Ethnicity

I describe my character as “dark tanned skin,” “brunette hair,” “green eyes” which are “almond-shaped.” She is from the deserts of Isana which are plagued with druids and eccentric magic-lovers with an intense family hierarchy.

So far the reviews for my character have been quite encouraging. I’ve heard some guess that she is possibly Japanese, others that she is just white with darker skin, and then a few others that say middle-eastern.

Which one is it? Here’s the thing – I left it completely open. Originally Maxine started off as a white girl (I’m white myself so there is a bit of author-tendency there). But she is very tomboyish and loves being out in the sun. So she had to be tanned. From there when I added in that she was from a desert community and needed some ethnicity traits I changed the shape of her eyes.

I think in my mind I’ve probably made her middle-eastern. However I want my readers to form their own opinion. The most I want to say for Maxine is that “she is not a pale-white girl.” From there, take my meaning how ever you want. I’m a fan of all things Japanese and some of their culture does resonate a bit with in me. I would be just as happy with that. I would even be happy if you said she was a little black American who is on the lighter side (does that work with brunnette hair?). I’m happy if you do consider her white with that beautiful tan most of us girls would kill to have.

Am I trying to make any sort of statement? Dear lord, no. And I hope that if you read how bad Isana is that you do not try to assume that I have some sort of political view or agenda. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with the people of Isana. The eccentrics do not make up the whole. It’s a sad state and I hope one day they will improve and stop abandoning their magicless children, but that is their cultural norm. Trust me, I’m not trying to make any connection towards our own real world. This is just my fantasy world.

I hope people love Maxine no matter what. And I will treasure fan art of her if someone draws something. I’m looking forward to it. And I’m hoping that whatever agent I get or editor I have to please they will not try to have me change it or make it clearer.

On another unrelated note: NaNoWriMo is fast approaching. *Gasp* It’s just around the corner! Feel free to buddy up with me or send me a message! I might be making a last minute story change. It seems that I’m becoming less interested in the children’s story I was debating and I’m thinking of picking up an old story that I’ve worked on in the past (like, literally, my whole life).

The character has my first character EVER (or the evolution of her). And well the story is just one of those ideas that I will probably never publish but the story is just one of those that I daydream about and tinker with as the years go by. Sometimes I think of short stories. I’ve got so many versions and evolutions of the story and the character(s) floating in my head. It would be fun to return to such old comfortable roots and I think it would provide me with the break I need while still keeping sharp for the story I’m writing to get published.

Who knows. We’ll see. Also, people have introduced me to Wattpad. I just made an account tonight. INTRIGUING! … I will probably just post the story there!


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