NaNoWriMo Pledge

If you haven’t heard of it and you’re a writer than you a seriously missing out. In short, National Novel Writing Month is a self-competition where you challenge yourself to write 50 thousand words from November 1st to November 30th. You start from scratch, though October is proclaimed as the Planning Month. Read more about it on the site if you are interested.

I’ve enjoyed participating for many years including last year. This year I’ve been battling with myself whether or not I wanted to participate. I told myself no, but then I got into a dialogue with someone and came out feeling very depressed. I think I’m getting a little too bent out of shape with The Weaver Reborn. Writing is my stress reliever. Last year I participated so that I could get away from TWR which was generating stress and I think I need it this year, too.

So this is my pledge: I’m going to participate in NaNoWriMo this year, but I’m not putting TWR aside. Last year I wrote 50k by the 15th or so and it’s a self competition anyways. Something FUN. I will still work on TWR (and sending out to agents like MAD) but I will be working on this project as a secondary focus. If things look like it’s too much I’ll put it away, but I’m looking forward to it. I intend to fully share my writings on my blog. I used to do that on an old Live Journal I once had. I’m not going to post the writings up every day. Maybe twice a week? I don’t know. I haven’t figured that part out yet.

Now with that said, this is the month of October and I’m very much the sort of writer who likes jumping in with a plan. I already have an idea in mind. See, the problem with being a writer, as most writers can probably agree, is that inspiration can strike from anywhere at any time. We can’t control it.

So when your mother suddenly sends you a cellphone wallpaper she thinks that you might like little does she realize the trouble she is setting into motion.

phonepicPosting the image here at the left, my mother sent me this image randomly. I’ve no idea where it’s from. I don’t want to know. I probably very much would care except that my muse loves it too much. (I will humbly request of my readers that if someone DOES look it up and finds the source, please do not tell me. Do not tell the characters’ names or what’s going on etc. Please respect that.)

It’s a cute image. It speaks to my soul. You might recall that I mentioned that I am really a children’s writer at heart, but somehow The Weaver Reborn grew into a teen novel. How could I not love this image of an 8 year old boy that is in rather dire straights (and in very much need of a much bigger sword – preferably metal)?

How did he get here? Why is he there? Why are those creatures after him? And what happens next?!

Of course the average person would look up this image and probably find the source. A writer, though, has this infuriating habit of trying to fill in the gaps themselves.

This, my dear readers, is what my NaNoWriMo will be about. It will be a fun return to my normal roots. It will be light-hearted and fun. I’m sure by the time I’m done this image will have faded into obscurity and the scenes I write will probably no longer resemble it. But that’s ok! That’s what inspiration is about.

I’ve already given my little eight year old boy a name. Landon. I’ve already aged him just a bit in my mind. He’s going to be ten years old. (Aww, that icky age when grade school is ending, middle school is looming and life just suddenly seems to become confusing.)

I’ve already got some very serious notes started and I’m very excited for this project. Can’t wait to see what I’m going to have ready for November 1st and how I’m going to kick everything off. I hope you guys will look forward to it.

This weekend I will try to have a writing article ready and I’m even planning a Book Shout, maybe this weekend, too. (Yes, I’m trying to get some sort of scheduling in place for posting. I would like to do at least a post each week. I think that’s my general rule of thumb but I won’t kill myself, either.)

Edit: In case you are interested, my NaNoWriMo profile. Please feel free to buddy up with me. I would be delighted!


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