What am I writing for?

So on my twitter account and just about anywhere, I’ve signed up to a whole bunch of stuff trying to give me writing tips, offer sage advice, and just general inspiration. Many of these general inspiration quotes relate as to “why” the writer is writing. Such as in one quote “I write to show people how amazing things are”. Some of these will even include writing for some self provisioning (while many say to not write for money – got it), maybe even self realization.

Quite honestly, I have no idea why I write. I’ve never sat down to really wonder about the why of it. It’s just something that I enjoy doing. The only reason that I care about making money off of it is because it would be wonderful to quit my day job and be able to write more while still acting like a mature, grown adult.

I do want people to read my stuff and to enjoy it. Perhaps this is just some form of selfishness or self-satisfaction. I’m not really sure. I just think that it goes without saying “if it’s written, it must be read.” That’s just the point of the thing.

I love puzzles and riddles. While I don’t think I’m anywhere near smart enough or clever enough to write a mystery novel, I think the best novels are the ones that make a person think. That moment of a plot twist. What’s the point of me having written a plot twist if there’s no reader to go *gasp*?

It would be wonderful to have people read and enjoy my work but let’s just be brutally honest here. I’m an introvert. 100%. (It’s true, I’ve taken hundreds of personalities tests that say the same thing, and even my shrink when I was 12 years old diagnosed me as an introvert when my mother wondered why I did not play with the other children.) I think of Naomi Novik at ComicCon. Heck, I couldn’t even go to the con without feeling way out of my comfort zone, but it would be nice to chat with people who recognize me. Then I imagine me sitting behind a panel desk having fans ask me questions.

My mental projection of that is a bunch of blank stares and a stuttering thirty year old who will end up puking in the corner.

At the same time, to be perfectly honest, it would be an awesome moment (you know, right before the vomit).

I’m not writing for any message that I wish to convey or because I feel like I want to change the world (though this would be nice). Maybe leave some piece of myself behind. All I want to do is give the world the best fantasy experience they could ever read. To take my reader into my imaginary land and hope they enjoy it just as much as I enjoyed the imaginary lands I’ve gotten lost in.

I’ve read hundreds of fantasy books in my life. I just want to be a part of the club.


3 thoughts on “What am I writing for?

  1. Teresa Pesce says:

    When you write about why you write, the reason you write is in is revealed in the fact that you’re writing about writing. You’re a writer. That is your element. It’s completely personal, yet completely impersonal because it may be mind to mind and heart to heart but it’s not face to face – perfect for introverts! I’m sure you know that many actors are introverts. There they are, in front of a camera expressing another persona brilliantly, yet they withdraw from real-time conversations, avoid people, and loathe attending the Oscars to receive a reward for their brilliance. Acting is their medium, perfect for them because it communicates within the cocoon of the stage’s fourth wall and before a camera.

    Your fantasy worlds are within your mind. Do you have to go to conventions? Write a world and let an extroverted agent take it from there, like a director films an actor, and takes it from there. Of course, you have such a high sense of duty and form and responsibility you will probably subject yourself to conventions and book-signings but know that you don’t HAVE to. Author J.K. Rowling made very brief public appearances, read brief excerpts to her breathless audience and then disappeared. She was clearly uncomfortable with publicity, fame and… well… people!

    You ARE part of the club. It’s hard to tell because the members prefer not to attend meetings (small joke) but you are among multitudinous, wonderful company.

    So write. I could use a new world to wander in.


    • Penna Fischer says:

      Haha, I hope this is the case. More than anything I would make public appearances if that’s what it will take to sell and promote my books. I think there is something fun in the idea of sitting there, as I mentioned, and a part of me wants to look forward to it and hopes maybe I’ll get there, while another part of me just shies away from the idea.

      I hope my books will get millions of followers. I like to say that I dream that I will be the next Tolkien, pray that I will be the next McCaffrey, aim to be the next Rowlings, but will probably be the next Patricia Wrede . And it’s not because I want fame or money. (In fact if I read another article or have another person tell me to not write for money I will probably slap them.) I think I just want to share my worlds with others.

      I do hope for fan letters/emails~

      Haha and thank you for recognizing me as being part of the club. ❤ I feel all warm inside.


  2. tpesce2015 says:

    Thanks for following me! I’m honored! And hey – write for money. Know why? You can’t NOT write for money, or fame, or appreciation, or reader fans, or book tours and signings, because all or some or none of those things may be by-products of your writing. I know people mean “don’t get your hopes up” or “don’t let that be your goal” but how are you supposed to NOT write for money? Are you supposed to write badly or boringly? Are you supposed to write brilliantly but never have the thought that the brilliance may earn its way in the world? You’re in charge of the process, not the product once it’s realized. It will have its life. Honestly. People! I’d judge them like crazy if only I weren’t one myself!

    I hope you become rich in fulfillment and appreciation and delight and money. There.


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