Book Shout: The Quick by Lauren Owen

One of the things that I want to do on my blog is do book reviews which I will affectionately call “Book Shouts” because honestly I hate book reviews and think they are boring and I don’t have the attention span to write them. So…. just a quick explanation of the book and why I like it… with a whole lot of rambling in between.

The first one I’m going to do is called The Quick by Lauren Owen. I’m currently reading it right now, not done – not even by half, but so far I absolutely love it.

There are three loves I love most in a good story. Dragons, Angels, and Vampires! And, no, I’m not talking about the love sick, teenaged angst of Twilight (dear God don’t make me barf). I love the down and dirty, evil night creatures that was created by Bran Stoker in one of my favorite books Dracula. The original, the classic.

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy my vampire sex novels (Sherrilyn Kenyon is a goddess), heck I even enjoyed the movie Blade. But I love the stories that present vampires in the light that they were meant to be presented. Dark creatures. And I do respect initiatives to be taken (the movie Daybreakers holds a special place in my heart).

But in a world that is now dominated by the vampire-sex,-Twilight-induced-star-crossed lover phenomenon, it’s refreshing when someone returns back to the roots of what vampires are.

So far The Quick is doing just that. I respect that the writer even pays a little love to the LGBT-world in the opening portion. James and his lover forever have my heart. For a while I actually started to wonder where the vampires were going to show up – and then bam. Suddenly they are there. And I love these vampires. The author, intentionally or not (I hope intentionally) pays homage to Bran Stoker in some of her writing style and how she is piecing together her story. It intrigues and thrills me.

I have run into moments already where I’ve thought “well… that was a boring story scene, where was the importance of that?” and then chapters later the importance is revealed. The writer has a great grasp of her story. She feels like she has a purpose and she’s weaving it together. I’m enjoying it and I so look forward to how her story will progress.

Thank you, Lauren, for giving me the vampire story that I crave but authors so rarely provide anymore.

The story is set in 1800s London. It follows the life of James Norberry just after he graduates college and attempts to start his life as a writer. But things take an unexpected turn in his life when he takes up residence with his new housemate Christopher Paige.

It’s beautiful, it’s gothic, and it is about vampires.


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