Embrace The TROPES

Is there anything more delicious than tropes? Now, don’t get me wrong. I know. There are some tropes that are just downright boring and overused (Cinderella life change story for one). But there are those tropes that no matter what others think or how over used they are, they get you super excited.

For me it will always be the trope of “The Chosen One”. Be it a super hero with a mystical gift. Or that special boy that no one realized would be special. Or maybe even just a Katniss Everdeen who was a “The Chosen One” without ever trying to be and through no solid fault of her own other than her incredible desire to survive.

These stories fascinate and excite me. The moment the Wise One steps in and reveals The Chosen One’s destiny and suddenly they are thrust to the forefront of the fate’s battleground.

A million people came before them, but somehow they are that special chosen person.

David Eddings had some of the most incredible “The Chosen One” reveal moments. Though I think my favorite will always be in the movie The Neverending Story. The moment that the Empress reveals that it’s Bastion who has to save everyone. That it’s more than just a story. Aww, perfect, exciting. THRILLING!

I find it ironic that in my own novel I would choose to write about a character that’s actually the exact opposite, the antithesis. Maxine isn’t told you’re “the chosen one.” She’s told she’s “The Fallen One.” …How did I mess up my own favorite trope. You would think in my own story that I’m writing I would embrace my own FAVORITE trope. *sigh* Where did I become so confused?


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